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Concrete structure benefits include:

  1. Stronger structure against tornadoes, hurricanes, fires, and storms
  2. Lower air infiltration, thus improving indoor air quality, minimizing VOC, and reducing the BTU building requirement.
  3. Reduces maintenance, while increasing safety and security
  4. Reduces the need of pesticides, eliminating cost and time involved.

Concrete, by design, adds sound benefits:

  1. Reducing and in some cases eliminating exterior sounds
  2. Reducing sounds between rooms within the building
  3. With the dome ceilings, sound has greater clarity where needed (as in a conference room or sanctuary).

The Earth Shelter buildings add (at no extra cost) one dimension not found in any other type of building – medical benefits! The constant negative ionization field created by having over four feet of earth covering reduces hypertension and hyperactivity, thereby increasing one's ability to learn. Other medical benefits include reducing allergy and respiratory problems.

Another consideration is the life of a building. Some concrete structures have endured for over 2,000 years. Long life of a concrete/steel structure increases your investment return, while reducing the cost of ownership and improving resale ability. The environmental benefits are also increased.

Concrete Home Constrction


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