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Protect your home and family by investing in an Earth Sheltered home today.


A few advantages of owning an Earth Sheltered/Underground Home

1. Storm Safety
An Earth Sheltered home keeps your family safe from hail, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc.

2. Leak Proof
With our unique waterproofing system, your Earth Sheltered home can have a written warranty against leakage.

3. Insurance Breaks
Solid concrete homes don’t burn, and tornadoes go right over them, so insurance costs are less than for “stick homes”.

4. Fire Resistant
Reinforced concrete with earth cover offers the best fire resistance available. No need to worry about grass fires or a neighbor's fire spreading.

6. Long Lasting
Constructed of concrete and steel, Earth Sheltered homes will last well over 100 years, maybe a thousand!

6. Very Low Maintenance
This means much less expense, fewer headaches, and more enjoyable weekends!

7. Cost-Effective
With the solid construction, low maintenance and energy-efficiency of Earth Shelter, more of your assets stay in savings instead of supporting a deteriorating wood-frame home. Over 14 years, a 2,400 square foot Earth Shelter home can pay for itself in assets saved.

That’s AFFORDABLE green housing!
That’s Sustainable Living.

Concrete Home Constrction


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